About Me

About Me

Hi there – thanks for stopping by AND I don’t believe you made it to my site by accident.  Over the last couple of years I find myself exactly where I need to be (just like you found my site), I easily find information that I need to know and I meet people (either face-to-face or virtual) that I need to help take me to the next step in my life.  From all of these synchronicities I’ve experienced rapid growth emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This may sound cliche’ but it’s true – it is as if I have “awakened” or “arrived”

So many people are awakening at a beautifully fast rate and May 2014 is when I “my world began shaking”.  I could not make heads or tails of a lot that was going on – I had so many conflicting feelings that brought anxiety and lack of clarity along with it.   SO I began to seek answers to questions that I really thought I already had the answers.  Primarily I wanted to know “who am I, REALLY?” and “what is my purpose?”.  I quickly realized that this was going to take some work on my part – a lot of work.  I needed to raise my vibration, reduce stress and anxiety, understand my emotional intelligence and learn how to be more present.  Essentially, I needed to take steps necessary to raise my vibration so that I live my life the way it was intended to be lived and not how others thought I should live.

I stumbled upon Higher Brain Living as I was searching Gaiam TV for a program to help me understand the thoughts and feelings running through my life.  From that day my life has been on a new trajectory and I thank God everyday for this experience.

I understand who I am, have amazing clarity, see life from a 50,000 ft view, and the fears I had were gone.  Not only did I get immediate benefits from the sessions I had but it was as if the Universe set things at my feet just at the right time and in the perfect sequence to enhance my learning.  Oh….. and the amount of synchronicities I experience is mind-blowing!  Anyone can benefit.

I am true to my authentic self. I am self aware.

Much love and blessings,


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